In search of novelty and excellence, the A&K brand was created in 2017 by two candle enthusiasts in order to offer an ephemeral and limited collection of 4 olfactory universes, which gives the brand a unique and original story.

Each candle has been designed to allow you to escape, to recall memories, reassuring and familiar but uncommon smells which compose the exclusive character of each candle.


A sort of Proust’s Madeleine brought up to date.


Passing on, remaining free, inspiring, not giving in to mass production, never lacking in daring, combining elegance and high standards, being authentic, creative with attention to detail will forever be the values of the A&K brand.

Candles of 2 kg and Candles of 200g will compose each issue.

It took 2 years to compose the first candle soberly entitled: La Numéro I. La Numéro II is currently being created for release in  2022.


A 100% French creation.

A&K used the services of the company Robertet for these olfactory creations according to very precise specifications and entrusted the agency Principe Actif with the production.

Discover now La Numéro 1

All handmade and French.
More than 3 years of research on perfumes, compositions and waxes to ensure that each fragrance is designed to evoke an intense emotion and recreate a strong and special sensation of experience or memories.

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